Advocate Pooja Barik – Property Lawyer in Bangalore

Advocate Pooja Barik – Supreme Law Associates – Property Lawyer in Bangalore (Introduction)

Pooja Barik with over 5+ years of experience in handling a diverse range of cases related to property, family, and corporate matters. With a deep understanding of the Indian legal system, Pooja has established herself as a trusted and highly skilled lawyer.

In her role as a civil lawyer, Pooja has successfully represented numerous clients in property disputes, including cases involving land acquisitions, title disputes, and boundary disputes. Her expertise in this area enables her to navigate complex legal frameworks and provide effective solutions that protect her clients' rights and interests. Pooja's dedication to her clients is evident in her ability to negotiate settlements and resolve disputes amicably, saving them time, money, and unnecessary stress.

Within the realm of family law, Pooja has worked passionately to assist her clients in matters such as divorce, child custody, and adoption. Recognizing the emotional sensitivity of these cases, she ensures that her clients receive compassionate guidance while also rigorously advocating for their best interests. Pooja's thorough understanding of family law statutes and precedents equips her to provide tailored advice and representation that is critical in achieving positive outcomes for her clients and their families.

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