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Psychology of red agate as an immensely powerful crystal that you should know

Red agate is the best-suited gemstone if you are facing long-standing difficulty in your life. This is called the stone of the gemstones. So nothing can match this stone if... Read More

Some unknown facts about Red Agate you should know

There are seven chakras starting from your forehead ending at the bottom or genital region. The energy that flows from one chakra to another making the body healthy both mentally... Read More

The benefits of red agate stone can blow your mind

The red agate which is popularly known as warrior’s stone has a lovely orange to reddish chromaticity. This formation of color results from a combination of streaks. Therefore, it is tough to... Read More

Understanding Your Precious Pink Opal

Understanding Your Precious Pink Opal. Self-care and well being are highly essential in life. To do these things, you may want to try out many things. Wearing fascinating and prominent... Read More

Know The Prime Healing Properties Of Pink Opal

The world is a magical place. You’ll believe this once you study the precious gemstones that are available on this planet. Pink Opal is one such unique creation of nature. The hydrous... Read More

Buying Pink Opal Jewelry Has Now Become Easy With DWS Jewellery

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Wholesale Opal Gemstone Jewelry Shopping Store in Jaipur

Opal gemstone is considered to be the most attractive and beautiful gemstone. Because of its beauty and fire effect, it has become suddenly popular. It is also said that it is... Read More

Wholesale Opal bangles jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur

Opal is regarded as a precious gemstone. This gemstone is not only a precious and beautiful gemstone but it shows miraculous effects on the wearer’s life if the wearer is... Read More

Wholesale Opal Rings jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur

‘Upala’ a Sanskrit word which means ‘most valuable stone’. It is believed that the opal gemstone has got its name from this same word. This gem is associated with wealth,... Read More

Opal bracelets jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur

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