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Galvanized steel deck is perfect for floors, roofing, bridges, stairways, and more. Wanzhi Steel offers a wide range of corrugated steel decking products with different spanning, gauges and lengths, and... Read More

Wanzhi Steel has a stainless steel factory in China with 750mm, 950mm, 1240mm cold rolled rolling lines, shearing lines, slitting lines, bending machines, surface processing equipment, etc. So we are... Read More

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Galvanized farm fence is a cost-effective solution to control your animals and to keep other animals out. It is widely used as rabbit guard fence, aviary wire, cattle or horse... Read More

Galvanized gabion basket is widely used in landscaping and civil engineering projects for decorative or stability purposes. At Wanzhi Steel, we offer both woven and weld gabion wire mesh for... Read More

Stone coated steel roof tile at Wanzhi Steel covers various architectural tile styles and textures. It provides the aesthetic appeal of conventional tiles, as well as great durability and strength... Read More

There are many kinds of steel rebars. According to the diameter, there are steel wires (diameter of 3~5 mm), fine steel bar (diameter of 6~10 mm), and thick steel bar... Read More

Les bobines et tôles d'acier laminées à froid sont largement utilisées comme matériaux de base dans de nombreuses applications, telles que les automobiles, les appareils électriques, les meubles, etc. Elles... Read More

The full form of GI sheet is galvanized iron sheet. It is a kind of steel sheet that has been coated with zinc to prevent corrosion and to prolong its... Read More

Galvanised welded mesh panel is made by welding thick steel wires to form a rectangular or square mesh hole. The galvanised finish offers excellent corrosion resistance and silver coloured appearance.... Read More