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Buy Parason Double Drum Thickener built with the mechanism of rolling cylinders(drums) for dewatering of sludge with no fiber loss at affordable price. A double drum thickener is a thickening machine... Read More

Parason medium consistency screen with special design rotor is provided with both hole & slot. The special design rotor with fabricated & contoured foils generate lower positive pulse and higher... Read More

Slotted vibrating screen is used to remove various impurities in the pulp. Vibrating screen is also used for the screening every kind of course impurities. Vibrating Screen is designed for screening... Read More

Turbo Separator is widely used in paper production industry which helps to separate unwanted waste material from pulp like water resistance particles. Parason Turbo Separator is a disc screen specially designed... Read More

Get Parason Low Consistency Cleaner machine for your paper mill for the efficient removal of contaminants from the pulp stock and obtain pure sludge. Pulp stock at 0.5 to 1.0% consistency... Read More

Hi-Consistency pulper is connected with dilution pulper. The dilution pulper has a due function of separating the plastics and other foreign material as also dilute the high consistency for stock... Read More

To lessen the contaminant load on Fiber Saver (PFS), the light rejects normally directed to Trommel Screen. Special heavy duty perforated drum with hole size ascending order and aided by... Read More

Complete Engineered Solutions For Moulded Fibre Products Environmentally friendly, high-quality green product line. We are specialized in offering complete project engineering & solutions to produce biodegradable and compostable Moulded Fibre Products used... Read More

Parason Group is one of the largest manufacturer & Supplier of pulp and paper machinery. Renowned scientist & metallurgist Dr. Desarda is Founder & Chairman of the Company. Parason started... Read More