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Air Cargo Management System | Cargo Software Solutions

The Freight Management System of air cargo software controls both Inbound and Outbound freight forwarding for various modes including Air, Sea, and Land transportation. Digitalizing Your Complete Air Cargo Movement... Read More

Billing Software for Logistics & Freight Forwarding Company | Freight Invoice Software

Logi-sys freight forwarding billing software helps logistics & freight companies to manage the entire billing & invoicing requirements and is integrated with every aspect of operations like freight forwarding, customs,... Read More

CRM For Logistics Companies | Freight Forwarding Industry

Conquer the logistics competition with CRM integrated with freight forwarding software like Logi-Sys from Softlink Global. Freight forwarders can set themselves apart by enhancing customer satisfaction. Our flagship product Logi-Sys... Read More

Best Logistics Management Software Solutions | Logistics Management System

Empower Your First Mile To Last Mile Delivery With Our Logistics Management System Software. Logi-Sys is a next generation logistics software which has been designed especially for logistics Industry. Software... Read More

How Cloud-Based Logistics Solutions Can Offer A Superior Customer Service Experience?

Cloud-based Logistics software solutions bring enhanced customer service along with visibility and control. Logi-Sys is a well known cloud ERP system that keeps communication with customers timely and accurate. For... Read More

Software for Effective Logistics Management with ERP Systems

Software for Logistics Management System is a combination of components that integrate people, logistics information and processes. It can be thought about as effective ERP which allows the companies to... Read More

Transport Management Software | Transportation Management System

Transport Management System (TMS) Software manages overall Inland & overland transportation from Pick request, Trip-Planning, tracking, and POD to invoice including fleet management.Transport Management Software manage end to end transportation... Read More

customs compliance software | customs management system

Manage Your Customs Clearance Process With Our Superior Customs And Trade Compliance Software. Logi-Sys ‘s Custom Management Software System automates the filing of customs documents that help Custom Brokers /CHA... Read More