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Anxiety disorders have been the most prevalent of all psychiatric illnesses. There is the various cause of anxiety-like genetic, environmental, medical, brain chemistry or due to withdrawal from an illegal substance. When anxiety occurs chemical chemistry of our brain is altered. The amount of GABA is decreased which can cause mood disorders. Serotonin is imbalanced in our brain which can lead to tiredness, extreme mood swings are most common in this condition. If we look at the history we will observe that anxiety was treated by general depressants like opium, alcohol, lithium bromide, and chlorate hydrate. These medications had serious side effects and were not strong enough to heal mental disorders like depression and anxiety. In 1960 pharmacotherapy was available for anxiety disorders. In the 1960s anti-anxiety was made and was introduced in the market. Nowadays antianxiety pills are available online. You can buy Valium online UK.

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