Composite Insulator at best price in China

Composite Insulator Manufacturer
Founded in 2010, Taporel Electrical (Jiangsu) Power Fitting Co., Ltd, held by Shaanxi Taporel Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. in Yangtze river delta economic belt, is a professional company specializing in R&D and manufacture of composite insulator fittings, power line fittings, and other fittings for transmission and distribution lines. It directly provides fittings for Taporel Electrical and Wishpower.
Composite Insulator Classification
According to different installation methods, insulators can be divided into suspension insulators and post insulators; according to the different insulating materials used, they can be divided into porcelain insulators, glass insulators and composite insulators (also called composite insulators). according to different voltage levels, they can be divided into Low-voltage insulators and high-voltage insulators. according to the different environmental conditions used, the pollution-resistant insulators used in polluted areas are derived; according to the different types of voltages, DC insulators are derived. there are also various special-purpose insulators, such as insulating crossarms, Semiconductor glaze insulators and tension insulators for power distribution, spool insulators and wiring insulators, etc. In addition, according to the different breakdown possibilities of insulators, it can be divided into A-type, non-breakable insulators and B-type instant-breakable insulators.
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