Concealed Drawer Slide – Smart Drive

The concealed drawer slide is easy to install and adjust and will not expose any exposed hardware when in use. The bracketed slide mechanism easily mounts to the bottom and side walls of the cabinet interior and clips securely into a pair of locking fittings mounted to the bottom of the drawer.

The concealed drawer slide adopts a full extension synchronized drawer slides design, which brings excellent sliding performance to home cabinets, it is equipped with a unique dust-proof device to ensure the smoothness of the drawer rail and fully meet the conditions of furniture use.

Product advantages.
1, excellent quiet effect, does not affect the work life.
2、Lock function can prevent the drawer from sliding on its own.
3、Good durability of the slide rail, smooth and smooth.
4、Special drawer combination design, so you can easily install and remove the drawer.
5、The surface is plated, strong anti-corrosion performance.

Whether you are looking for a 2 sections half extension concealed drawer slide or a 3 sections full extension concealed drawer slide, we can provide you with the best custom concealed drawer slides solutions.
In addition to this program, we also produce a variety of standard concealed drawer slides that can be ordered directly from our stock.