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Home gardens are established in almost all Households in India . But since the Urbanisation has started this practice has been limited to a very Certain Areas of the country. Farmers from villages bring the produce and sell it in urbans in Markets. Purchase of Fruits and vegetables, the necessary food essentials are also sold online through different sources and mediums. But this was not the case before, People cultivated their own produce at their home around the house using natural fertilizers and Plant growth promoters. India was a pioneer in Agriculture Sector across the world, as the primary occupation was Farming and Agriculture. Since the pandemic, people have understood the importance of being conscious of the food that they consume .While only few started home gardening as a hobby. The Fulfillment and the quality of the produce is drawing more people into terrace gardening.Everyday Greens and seasonal fruits can be grown at home without compromising or having second thoughts while consuming . Grany’s garden was started just with this novel intention of spreading the joy and comfort of growing foods at home and we believe it is much necessary .