Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Model WID-1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W
Mobile Mode Handheld
Operate Mode Continuation
Laser source Max Photonics/Raycus/IPG
Laser Power 1000W
Fiber Cable Length 10 Meters
Laser Wavelength 1060nm
Welding Speed Range 0-120mm/s 
Power Regulation Range: 10%-100%
Cooling Way Industrial Water cooling
Welding Thickness Recommendations 0.5-3mm
Welding Gap Requirements ≦0.5mm
Working Temperature 0-40 ℃
Weight of Head 0.80kg
Dimension 920*600*1100 mm
Weight of Machine 200Kgs

Advantages of Laser Welding:

–Simple Operation: Handheld welding products are easy to use so that it ca settle the difficulty in welders recruitment.

–Hig Welding Efficiency: The prduct ha fast welding speed, which is more than twice as fast as argon arc welding, and it can save 2 welding workers.

–Good Welding Quality: Small welding influence area, good welding quality, small work piece deformation.

–Easy an Flexible operation: Handheld welding, free and flexiblex, can reach a wide area.

–Weld Without Grinding: Continous welding mode, smooth welding without fish scale pattern, beautiful welding without scars, less follow-up grinding process.

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