How To Clean A Shower in perth

How To Clean A Shower
After a long stressful day, you find yourself needing to pop into your bathroom and have a nice refreshing shower. It may be frustrating to step into it and find dirt residue and soap scum all over the tiles and the drainage areas. If you find your bathroom in this condition, chances are you did not clean it properly.

In this article, you will find a few crucial shower cleaning tips; how to clean your shower walls, shower doors and even the showerhead itself so that you can enjoy each moment spent showering.
How Frequently Should You Clean Your Shower?
Your shower should be cleaned thoroughly at least twice weekly. However, it is highly recommended that you allocate at least one minute to clean up any visible dirt, such as hair, each time you use your shower.

While maintaining your shower’s cleanliness, you should not neglect your shower curtains either. Wash them at least once after three months to keep them in a pristine condition.

How To Keep Your Shower In Good Condition
Use a towel or a nice squeegee to wipe down your shower door and shower walls whenever you take a shower. You should also ensure that you remove excess hair from the drain areas and ensure that you hang any shower tools like poofs and brushes.

By observing this simple routine, you are guaranteed that your stone shower, ceramic tiles and fiberglass shower enclosures remain in great condition every time.