MarTech Interview with Ken Harlan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MobileFuse

Ken, could you kindly provide a brief overview of your professional journey, leading to the establishment of MobileFuse?
Hello! I’m Ken Harlan, Founder and CEO of MobileFuse, one of the largest in app advertising, DOOH and CTV platforms. For background, MobileFuse empowers brands and marketers by reaching highly curated audiences by combining moments-based targeting, SDK based inventory, custom and impactful creative, and data-driven insights at scale. I founded the company in 2009, and I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished so far.

Can you share insights on how MobileFuse is adapting to new privacy laws, ensuring compliance, and prioritizing data privacy for both publishers and advertisers?
Of course – over the last year we’ve seen so much evolution when it comes to data privacy and regulations. In fact, five states will have new privacy laws enacted in 2024 (Washington, Oregon, Texas, Florida, and Montana), with many others following shortly after.
In terms of how we ensure compliance, we are constantly monitoring regulations and watching for changes around data laws. Ensuring compliance with new regulations usually entails making sure our privacy policies and agreements with end users and corporate partners are up to date, as well as making sure our technical solutions are receiving and respecting user consent strings. For example, we were one of the first adopters of GPP (Global Privacy Platform), a solution developed by the IAB. Through our GPP integration, we are able to recognize and properly handle user consent strings from the EU, Canada, and many US states. We also maintain processes and procedures to handle user requests for information or deletion of their data.

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