Scar Removal Treatment in Chandigarh | Laser Treatment

Scar Removal Treatment in Chandigarh – We make sure that we take extra care of our skin. But when we face some unusual experiences, it makes a huge difference. Any burn, injury, illness, acne, or other accident which leaves scars on the skin makes some people conscious and not comfortable with their skin. But scars are not worst if it is small or in a location that is easy to conceal. Scars form as part of the body’s healing process. The body builds tissue to repair damaged skin and close gaps due to an injury. 

Usually, scars come in all shapes and sizes, and over time most scars fade away. Some scars do not disappear, but several treatments can make them less visible. For people who get shy because of the scars, and hide them under their clothes,  scar removal treatment will make it go away or at least change how it looks. 

Dr. Aditi Jha, an MD in Dermatology from AIIMS Delhi, is a qualified dermatologist who can help you with scar-related issues. She has an excellent experience at the National Skin Centre, Singapore. She has also worked as an assistant editor in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprology for accumulating proficiency.

Her most prominent achievement would be being awarded an International Dermatopathology fellowship at UCSF, San Francisco by IADVL. Her dynamism and patient handling are beyond flawless which makes customer experiences valuable. She will make you experience sensitivity towards yourself, your skin, and your hair like never before. If you wish to give it a try, then why not consult our best doctor in town?

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