The best online cloud storage for personal and business use

With the cloud moving to 2020, it is crucial we look at the best online cloud storage vendors or services for personal or business use.

Users and Businesses are completely reliant on data for their personal or business purposes. Furthermore, this data needs to be stored on some platform for access, retrieval, and sharing. Cloud storage is a simple, yet effective and secure solution for users and businesses to get their data stored online. When we’re talking about the cloud, it is simply talking about storing data on remote servers.

It has been observed that, cloud storage solutions or services have augmented by more than 35% since the last decade. Given the choice of cloud storage providers out there, users and businesses need to choose their cloud storage provider wisely. The most important parameters are storage space, cost, bandwidth, security, and customer service.

The following list represents top picks for 2020.
New Zealand based Mega has one of the most intuitive cloud storage interfaces. As a user, it did provide 50GB of free space on sign up, this is all it takes for personal use. It also claims that data stored on mega cloud servers is encrypted and safe. Furthermore, mega has its own app for users to upload files.

Pros –
• Easy storage
• Fast transfer
• Intuitive User Interface
• Point-to-Point Encryption


iFCloud is a new, yet easy and robust cloud storage platform. Through personal use, it can be deemed as one of the best online cloud storage platforms in the market. A light and easy to use UI makes it easy to store, access, and share files from anywhere. Plans are divided into three subscriptions viz. Free, Personal, and Group. The platform claims to provide a huge bandwidth of 4.2GB, which is really great in terms of uploading large audio and video files.

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