What Internet Atheists and Fundamentalist Christians Have in Common

Years of staying into the realms of the internet taught me one thing. People now has the means to be militant. The internet gave them all the protection they need to shove their beliefs into their hapless victims, all while staying anonymous and in the comforts of their basements. They don’t have to worry about getting grounded and pounded for being mean. And yes, there are times where you need to grow thick skins just to post comments in social media. For anytime soon, these low lives will troll you for the sake of trolling.

The internet and social media seem to make a toddler out of grown men. It seems that being militant is in. Extremism and fanaticism to one’s belief is rampant, that’s why me and my friends agree that stuffs like religion are best discussed outside social media. That will be another topic, but the fact that a mere mention of religious experience, or healthy criticism of religion will likely trigger toxic remarks. Once I noticed that people who shared some insights about their beliefs will be likely attacked, even though they are not seekin