Why It Sucks To Be An Adult In The Evangelion Universe

Being a pilot in Neon Genesis Evangelion is nothing glamorous. In fact, at some point it’s a miserable career with the threats of death looming over your shoulders. Well, starting with the Gundam series, the anime world made it clear that being a mecha pilot was never a glamorous job to begin with. Things got a little too dirty when the Real Robot genres were introduced. In the case of the Evangelion series, they just stressed how dirty being a pilot is all too well. So much so that being a mecha pilot is now a mentally toxic job. But then, if you are a young teen with little self-esteem, working for a neglecting parent with little job benefits that normal soldiers enjoy (psychiatrists for PTSD, high salary and much more), who could blame him for the low morale.

But if a crazy anime curse will take me into the world of Shinji, I will choose being a pilot over being an adult staff in NERV. Based on how I see it, you are better off as a child soldier in the Evangelion universe. Throughout the series, these miserable little emos are in better position than their adult counterparts. And below are the reasons why.

But First, The Adult Characters in the Show
The adults running the show deserves a mention. As behind the kids piloting the fleshy mechas are a bunch of sick characters working in the background. Firstly, is Shinji’s dad. Gendo Ikari could be the worst father in the mecha world, with his wife’s soul trapped in the EVA unit, and letting his son do the dirty work. Then there is Ritsuko Akagi. A fake blond hottie (and Gendo’s estranged lover) and NERV head scientist. The unkempt Ryoji Kaji also deserves a mention, and who could forget his lover, and apparent pedophile Misato Katsuragi who cared for Shinji.

Together with the rest of the NERV staffs and the SEELE, they seem to have an enviable job of sitting behind their desk as the children brawl with Angels. But unfortunately, that’s not the case (do note however that we have sane adult characters here).

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