Why You Should Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry

Although they share a lot in common, silver and 925 Sterling Silver are not the same metals. The other 7.2% of sterling silver is made up of other metals like copper or zinc and contains the remaining 92.5% pure silver. Because of its 92.5% composition, sterling silver is frequently referred to as "925 Sterling Silver." Because of the many advantages and exceptional qualities of sterling silver, jewelry made of this metal is the most popular. People adore Wholesale Silver Jewelry, which is also a timeless fashion. Because fine silver and pure silver are such incredibly soft metals, they can be bent or sculpted. Thus, compared to 925 Sterling Silver, silver is less strong and durable. When combined with a gemstone, sterling silver produces a sturdy and gorgeous Gemstone Jewelry.
Sterling Silver has its roots in Europe. Back in the 12 century 925 sterling silver was used as currency for commerce. It was in the 19th century that 925 sterling silver was made into gorgeous jewelry pieces. Much later Gemstones were embedded into the Sterling Silver to give adorable Gemstone Jewelry pieces or fashion jewelry pieces.