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enProducts Private Limited is one of the leading Machine manufacturing service provider companies in Kerala, India. We facilitate manufacturing services such as Special Purpose Machines (SPM), New Product Development (NPD),... Read More

We are Manufacturer and Suppliers, Exporter of Stretch Wrapping machine are used for Stretch film wrapping around the product with competitive rate and custom configured. Stretch wrapping, stretch wrapping machine, automatic... Read More

In the construction world, a significant portion of it is visible only if you see it through Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM Solutions are those eyes that help envisage circumstances... Read More

Tata Motors has updated the New Tata Tigor EV sedan and put it on sale in India for a starting price of Rs 12,49 lakh (ex-showroom). The new Tata EV... Read More

Needle Valve Supplier, Manufacturer in India

Yakshita Engineering is providing the Stainless-Steel Needle valve that is fabricated at an economical rate. We are leading manufacturer and supplier of all types of instrument valves and fittings; you... Read More

Nala Chef, AI Based Automated Robot Chef Restaurant – Nala Robotics

Nala Robotics is the First AI and ML Powered Multi Cuisine Automated Robot Chef use Machine Learning to Cook Infinite Recipes Replicated with Exact Precision Anytime, Anywhere.It gets better and... Read More

Pizzaiola, AI Based Robotic Pizza Maker – Nala Robotics

Introducing Pizzaiola, a fully automated Multi Cuisine Robotic Pizza Maker. A Fully Autonomous Pizzeria Restaurant , 7-axis robotic chef & kitchen within a 12’ x 12’ footprint that provides... Read More

The WINGman – AI Powered Fully Automated Robotic Fryer by Nala Robotics

THe WINGman, A Fully Automated AI enabled Frying solution that can cook chicken wings, tenders, fries, nuggets, and many more from breading to frying, tossing and saucing.Frying solution “The Wingman" is the... Read More

World's First AI Enabled Fully Automated Robotic Kitchen – Nala Robotics

Nala Robotics is the World's First AI Enabled Fully Automated Robotic Kitchen. We Leverages Robotic Technology and Proprietary AI and ML to Revolutionize the Culinary Industry With always-on vison and... Read More

Buy Our Sound Damping sheet Now. Our Sound damping sheets are highly recommended in Vehicles to reduce sound and Vibration. Buy Our Sound Damping sheet Now. Our Sound damping sheets... Read More