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Packaging machine | Innovative food line supplier

BBL Foods handle both retail and bulk packing machine supplies. Ingredient Innovative food line supplier as per client and partners requirements. We at BBL Foods offering, low price, best designed... Read More

Microwave Furnace for Sintering of Powder Metals

Sintering of Powder Metals is not a new science to the world. However sintering of powder metals using microwave technology is indeed a new development. Research establishments around the world... Read More

Microwave Plasma System for Nano-powder Synthesis

Nano-powder synthesis can be achieved through several means and using Plasma for this process has been a latest development. Amongst this, further, Microwave Plasma route for Nano-powder synthesis is very... Read More

Enerzi Microwave Systems Microwave Vacuum Oven

Even though Microwave and Vacuum are not compatible, the combined effect of the two can be exploited to our advantage with special care taken to avoid accidental failures of the... Read More

Industrial Microwave Drying Ovens

These are large scale industrial microwave driers built in collaboration with Ferrite Microwave Technologies LLC, USA. Typical drying applications include drying of Carbon Blocks, Ceramic Products, Fruits & Vegetables, Food... Read More

Batch Type Microwave Drying Ovens

Batch type microwave driers are designed and developed to carry out drying of materials and food products in batches of 25 to 500 kgs. The system is ideally suited for... Read More

Microwave Disinfestation Systems

Enerzi Microwave Systems Pvt. Ltd. has developed a completely innovative disinfestation system incorporating UHF technology which has major advantages as listed below: Chemical free Post Harvest Management of Rice- for the... Read More

Enerzi Microwave Systems Coiling / Winding Machines

Coiling or Winding machine is used in cases when the Rubber Profile produced from the Vulcanisation line is to be stocked in full length of 50 or 100 meters. The... Read More

Enerzi Microwave Systems Rubber Profile Extruder

Being a one stop solution provider for variety of rubber extruders (screw dia ranging from 40 mm to 145 mm), Enerzi delivers compact and reliable extruders as well as machines... Read More

Pilot Scale Microwave Sintering Furnace – Microheat

This is an advanced Microwave Sintering Furnace with State-of-the-Art Control system and high microwave power to sinter larger samples at a pilot scale. We recommend this system for users who... Read More