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The exporter of aluminum stage truss system-Shizhan Group, China's top truss stage system supplier, stage truss system has been exported to many overseas countries.The exporter of aluminum stage truss system-Shizhan... Read More

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The aluminum stage explosion-proof fence exporter, the aluminum stage explosion-proof fence developed and sold by the Shizhan Group for the event site, has better explosion-proof effect and better safety.The aluminum... Read More

SHIZHAN Group is a top Guangzhou truss stage equipment factory, familiar with concert stage truss and outdoor concert stage sale. Whether in real life or on TV, we often see... Read More

Structural characteristics of 12 inch aluminum square box truss The 12 inch aluminum square box truss is mainly subjected to unidirectional tension and compression. Through the reasonable arrangement of the upper... Read More

Shizhan Group has gathered several years of light weight aluminum lights trusses stage. This short article is presently one of the most thorough guide for aluminum stage truss, consisting of... Read More

The most common lighting truss stage for outdoor performance activities, Shizhan Enterprise can produce high quality truss fasteners of any design for outdoor performance activities, where truss is the usual... Read More

Advantage Standard lengths of aluminum spigot truss are 16', 14', 12', 10', 8', 6'and 5', other lengths can be provided upon request. All newly purchased 290x290mm Square Aluminum Spigot Truss can be... Read More

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Scaffolding clamps can be divided into right angle clamps and x-pro clamp, butt clamps, etc. The most commonly used in the process of building Concert Truss Stage is x-pro clamp.... Read More

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Shizhan Group provides a variety of roofing systems designed to adapt to events of all sizes. The diversity of roof system sizes and designs provides you with freedom of choice. Aluminum... Read More

  If you are not a one-time buyer or want better after-sales service, you should find an aluminum truss manufacturer instead of a trading company.   Check their website to see if they... Read More