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Fluke Distributor in Bangladesh

Fluke distributor In Bangladesh Iconic Engineering Limited provides top-notch measurement instruments renowned for their precision and quality. Their offerings encompass a wide range of instruments, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements... Read More

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Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is a technology for determining the sequence of DNA or RNA to study genetic variation associated with diseases or other biological phenomena. LabQuest Diagnostic Limited uses NGS... Read More

We always strive to provide the best medical treatment for your health. For the first time in Bangladesh, Lab Quest Diagnostic Limited is utilizing the world’s cutting-edge technology, Next Generation Sequencing... Read More

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Clipping Path Service Provider

UK Clipping Path Offer a wide range of photo editing, background removal, and photo retouching services to help users make their photos look their best. Whether you need help fixing... Read More

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Ion Exchange (India) Limited has its presence in Bangladesh since 1990. Its 100% subsidiary, Ion Exchange Environment Management (BD) provides standardized and customized total water and environment management solutions backed by... Read More