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Storage Tank Calibration Services The process of precisely calculating a tank’s capacity, or partial capacities, and expressing this capacity as a volume for a certain linear increment or height of the... Read More

Brazing Procedure Qualifications (BPQ) The Brazing Engineer or brazing Inspector ensures that each new pBPS is qualified in accordance with the Client’s requirements and relevant standards and codes. The Brazing Inspector... Read More

Digital AE systems and specific software are used to determine the location of the leak when the AE sensors pick up turbulent flow at the leak orifice. The present study... Read More

Fleet with real-time GPS Tracking

With a fleet management platform that provides real-time GPS tracking technology, you can find the exact location of your fleet drivers. It is essential to ensure the safety of your... Read More

Mooring Bollard Load Test and Bollard Testing: EIWAA can evaluate the integrity of the entire mooring assembly, including the body, anchor bolts, anchors, and surrounding/concrete structure. Additionally, the company can mobilize... Read More

Best Quality Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant Manufacturers from India to Worldwide

Wire Machine Company is a Ghaziabad, India-based manufacturer of hot dip galvanizing plants. These plants are designed to provide superior corrosion protection to steel and other metals by applying a... Read More

Bizzduniya is an Indian company that exports a variety of non-basmati rice from India to other countries. Non-basmati rice is a type of rice that is not the traditional, aromatic... Read More

Quality Assurance Framework is used to monitor quality and replace existing quality monitoring arrangements. When a service is evaluated as failing to meet criteria under the Quality Assurance Framework process,... Read More


The innovation in AV technology is bringing a colossal improvement in event production industries. The implementation of the latest technology in your event management business could bring revolutionary changes which... Read More

Stop searching for Bulk SMS In KSA. As we are the Leading SMS Company In KSA Connect with your audience and increase engagement with our reliable and efficient service. Stop searching... Read More